When Danièle Arpajou (Daniela-Djamila) began her music studies at age 5 ½ and immediately showed exceptional musical gifts. She presented her first public performance at age 7, and by age 11, she had already made her orchestra debut with BEETHOVEN's Fourth, BACH in D minor and CHOPIN's First concerti.

At 12 ½, Danièle Arpajou won First Prize (1st named) from the National Conservatory of Music at Orléans (France), a very rare accomplishment for one so young. At 13 ½, she captured the "Prix d'Excellence" from the same conservatory. City officials recognized her accomplishment with a special Honorary Award of Distinction from the City of Orléans. For the occasion, she performed the 1st Piano Concerto by LISZT under the baton of René BERTHELOT. The critics noted that " her extraordinary performance made a profound impression on the audience ".

However, for personal reasons, Arpajou suddenly terminated her music studies in favor of a broader education, earning a degree in mathematics. She also became the youngest person in France to ever obtain a pilot's license at the tender age of 16.


Ten years after her abrupt departure from the music scene, Miss Arpajou began to realize she could no longer live without music. She once again threw herself into her music, the great passion of her life, enrolling simultaneously at the Royal Conservatory of Music in BRUSSELS and at the "École Normale Supérieure de Musique" in PARIS. At the Conservatory, she walked away that same year with a First Prize "with distinction" while studying with concert pianist and teacher, Nicole Henriot-Schweitzer, who was often heard in the US with conductor Charles-MUNCH. In Paris, she was awarded her Teaching License with the unanimous acclaim and congratulations of the Jury from the class of Germaine Mounier. The school's director, French composer Pierre-PETIT offered her on the spot a scholarship for the concert artist diploma which she earned the following year. The teaching License and the Artist's Diploma are the two most difficult programs at the École Normale of Music.

Following these accomplishments, she began competing in International Competitions most often winning top prizes. This allowed her to launch an international performing career which she pursues to this day. She has performed solo recitals, concerts with orchestra, master classes and lectures in 52 countries, including both Americas from Tierra del Fuego to Kodiak Island in Alaska where she has performed twice. She is often invited to South American countries such as Peru, Argentina and Chile where she particularly enjoys traveling.

While BACH is her favorite composer, her extensive repertoire includes composers from the 17th century through our contemporary times. Her first recording from Townhall Records (USA) debuts a World Premiere of the impressive Sonata in F# minor of George-ENESCO; it also showcases the "Estampes" of DEBUSSY and FAURÉ's 6th Nocturno in an elegant, unsurpassed rendering.

The critics have praised her profound sensitivity and incisive poetic sense which enable the audience to experience a deeply personal, unpretentious interpretation emanating from the unique personality of each composer presented. Through this artistic emotional approach, Miss Arpajou seeks to enrich each listener.

When she is not concertizing, Arpajou teaches in France, directs master classes, or performs on foreign television broadcasts. Two compact discs are currently in the works, one of which will be entirely devoted to French music (from the XVIIth Century to our days) for which she has a natural affinity. It will include works by Lully, Rameau, Fauré, Godard, Satie, Milhaud, Alain and Messiaen.

Danièle Arpajou lives to concertize and at the same time indulges her passion for traveling.