Solo Recital

 ALAIN (Jehan)

Sonata "Monodique" (univoice)


Preludes and fugues from the Well Tempered Clavier
Toccata in E minor
Chaconne (RAFF's unknown fabulous transcription)
Partita, in C minor; Chromatic Fantasia, in D minor


Sonata N.31, in Ab, op.110; N.1, in F minor, op.2; N.2, in A, op.2; N.3, in C, op.2; N.8, in C minor, op.13 ("Pathetic"); N.25, in G, op.79 ("Alla Tedesca")


Fantasies, Op. 116 - Intermezzi Capriccios - Rhapsodies


Pieces from the XVIth Century


Nocturno in C# minor - 'Polonaises' - Waltz - Mazurkas - Preludes
Sonata N.2 in Bb minor - Sonata N.3, in B minor


Estampes (Pagodas-The evening in Grenada-Gardens in the rain)


Sonatina N.1, in G - Canzonetta, in G minor


Sonata N.1, in F# minor, op.24


Nocturnos: N.1, in Eb minor; N.4, in Eb; N.6, in Db


Prelude, Chorale and Fugue


Fantastic Rider (Concert Etude)




Fantasia and Fugue on the Name o B.A.C.H. - Etudes - Rhapsodies


Suite in E minor (Air tendre-Courante-Gigue)


Palpitations - Sonatas (contemporary)


From "The twenty Glances on the Infant Jesus" : The Father (Glance N.1); The Star (Glance N .2); First Communion of the Virgin (Glance N.11); Prophet, Shepherd & Magus (Glance N.16); The 'Terrible Onction' (Glance N.18)


Spring 1; Spring 2


Fantasias N.2, in C (not known-K 396); N.3, in D; Sonata-Fantasia, in C minor (KV 475); Adagio (for his Father's death); Sonatas (nearly ALL)


Concert Etude, in C minor


Sonata N. 6 in A minor


Etudes - Tableaux - Preludes - Musical Moments


Rondos - Gavotte, in A minor (Theme & 6 Dobles)


Jeux d'eau - Oiseaux tristes - Sonatina


Gnossiennes - Gymnopedies - Sarabandes


Different Sonatas


Impromptus 1, 2, 3, 4, op. 90 & N.1, in F minor, op.142;
Sonata N.3, in A, op.120


Etudes - Preludes - Poem, Vers la flamme -Fantasia, in B minor - Sonata No. 1 in F-# minor


Orchestral Works


Piano Concerto N.4 in G minor


Concerto N.1 in D minor


Orchestral Rondo "The Ploughboy", in Eb


Symphonical Variations


Concerto N.1 in E-flat major


Concerto N.20 in D minor, (K. 466); N.21, in C (K 467); N.23, in A (K 488)


Concerto for the Left Hand


Concerto N.2 in G minor